Happy International Women’s Day from some of our #WomenInSpine!


Over the past week, we celebrated International Women’s Day by featuring selected female NuVasive leaders. The world has overcome significant change in societal stereotypes since the very first Women’s Day in 1908. The greatest shifts can be noticed as more women join the boardroom, have increased equality in legislative rights, and shift society’s attitudes of the female role in both professional and personal life. There are still long strides to be made in the business world, including equal pay, and having equal numbers in both boardrooms and political positions. Globally, women still face harsher regulations and punishments in the realms of education and health. International Women’s Day works year after year to ensure that the future for the next generation of girls is ‘bright, equal, safe and rewarding’.

At NuVasive, we are lucky to be surrounded by various women of all backgrounds. The innovation within our company is supported by the uniqueness that each person brings to their respective team and the broader organization. Whether it is our country of origin, our educational background, the number of years we’ve been experienced in spine, or the diverse amount of teams we’ve been exposed to, each Shareowner at NuVasive contributes to make our company what it is. See some of our favorite quotes from our features this past week, as well as meet a few more empowering women in our NUVA family:

We hope to continue the movement for a brighter and more equal future for the next generation by featuring more #WomenInSpine every month on our NuVasive LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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