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An estimated 10 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic back pain each year and most have problems with degenerative and related conditions. NuVasive can help.

The NuVasive Difference

We are committed to providing surgeons with training and innovative technologies with the goal of delivering the best possible patient outcomes. Our mission is to improve the lives of patients who suffer from debilitating back, neck, or leg pain by creating cutting-edge technology that revolutionize spine surgery. As the world’s largest, pure-play spine technology company, NuVasive is the global leader in minimally-invasive spine surgery and lateral spine surgery, having helped more than 1,000,000 patients and counting. 

Learn about my spine condition

There are many conditions that may lead you to look for treatment options, from general back pain to degenerative diseases. Learning more about these conditions may help you to better understand your back pain and inform conversations with your doctor and/or surgeon.

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What is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

If you’ve been told you may need spine surgery, you are likely considering your options. Many diagnosed conditions that once required open surgery can now be treated with minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedures.

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Get Support

The Better Way Back is a community dedicated to providing hope, support, and information to the millions who are suffering from chronic back, leg, or neck pain.

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Surgeon Locator

      Medical Advice and Locating a Surgeon

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      The materials on this website are for your general educational information only. It is important that you discuss the potential risks, complications, and benefits of spine surgery with your doctor prior to receiving treatment, and that you rely on your physician’s judgement. Only your doctor can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for MIS surgery.

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