Featured Case: Adopting Lateral Single-Position Surgery

In our Featured Case series, NuVasive® will showcase innovative cases and how our unique technology is integrated to create a cohesive system to address key patient pathologies. Our mission at NuVasive is to change patient lives and we are constantly focused on how to deliver improved patient outcomes, increase OR safety and efficiency, and extend our technology to future applications.

In this Featured Case, the patient was an older male with no previous surgeries and suffered from a grade 1-2 spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. Dr. Braly performed a Lateral ALIF with percutaneous screws while minimizing radiation throughout the case with LessRay®. He used BASE implants, RELINE® MAS reduction screws, Osteocel® Pro, and NVM5® EMG screw testing. The utilization of LessRay and Lateral Single-Position Surgery together lowered the radiation of the case over 50% down to .65mGym2, compared to a previous 1-level L5-S1 ALIF surgery.


Braly states, “Single-position surgery combined with minimizing radiation exposure by utilizing LessRay has the unique claim of creating a better operating experience for the patient.”


Dr. Brett Braly is one of six NuVasive® Delta training surgeons. Dr. Braly provides his expertise in Lateral ALIF, XLIF®, and lateral fixation techniques, and stresses the importance of putting the surgeon learner first.

“The lateral single-position surgery movement drives surgeons to become efficient in the operating room. None of this would be possible had the XLIF procedure not revolutionized lateral lumbar surgery”, shares Dr. Braly.


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