Episode 1, “Reach Your Height” Podcast on iTunes now!

“Reach Your Height” is a podcast series by NuVasive that brings surgeons together to discuss limb reconstruction and lengthening treatments for patients of all ages. In each episode, listeners will gain intimate knowledge of current concepts and technologies, lessons learned, and what the future brings. We’ll explore advances in care for patients suffering from congenital and post-traumatic conditions, including alternative techniques for non-unions. They bring you a glimpse into the continuum of care, from patient selection and pre-op planning to post-op orthotics and physical therapy.

Tune in to the first episode of the Reach Your Height podcast with Dr. Christopher Iobst, MD, a world-renowned pediatric certified orthopedic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio, based out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Both an author and researcher with works presented at global medical conferences and several publications, Dr. Iobst is also an active board member of the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society. We’re pleased to bring his vast clinical experience and know-how directly to you.

The first episode of “Reach Your Height” is available now on both iTunes and SoundCloud. To learn more about limb length discrepancy, visit our website here.

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