#EngineeringAtNUVA: How a recent grad started working on our newest innovation, Pulse

#EngineeringAtNUVA is a series that highlights talented engineers who make up NuVasive Engineering. Every feature will have a unique set of questions to give you the most diverse knowledge into Engineering at NUVA including roles within Manufacturing, Development, Software, and Electrical Engineering. The series is for students interested in the field, for prospective engineers who want to understand our culture, and for those intrigued to meet some of our incredibly intelligent Shareowners!

Our next feature for #EngineeringAtNUVA is Guy, Development Engineer for Surgical Intelligence at our San Diego Headquarters!

Guy, why did you choose to work as an Engineer in the Medical Device industry versus other industries?

I wasn’t specifically looking for a career in the medical device industry above others. When I was applying for internships I applied for different industries and NuVasive offered the best opportunity. My experience here as an intern made me want to work here full-time after graduating.

How long have you been at NUVA?

I have been with NuVasive since June 2016. I started off as an intern with the Surgical Intelligence (SI) development team and transitioned to my current role as a Development Engineer in April 2017 after graduating from University of California, Irvine.

During my time at NuVasive, I have worked on a few projects, most notably LessRay and Pulse 2D and 3D Navigation.


Is there a specific class or skill that you wish you took or learned prior to graduating college that would positively impact your work today?

Although I took a few programming classes, I wish I was exposed to more programming in school. Being on the SI team, having this type of knowledge helps make the communication between the software and mechanical teams smoother.

What was your path from realizing you wanted to be an Engineer to working at NuVasive today?

I first knew I wanted to be an engineer when I took AP Physics in high school. My teacher was an electrical engineer and her husband a mechanical engineer, and she helped me realize my interest in a career that is multi-disciplinary and can be applied to several industries. From there, I did my own research and realized mechanical engineering was the discipline I wanted to study.

Can you share what inspired you to pursue Engineering?

Before my high school physics teacher, I was inspired to pursue engineering after participating in a three week robotics program at UCSD at the end of my sophomore year in high school. The experience left me wanting to pursue a career in a technical field, but it wasn’t until taking physics that I realized engineering would be the right path for me.

For those deciding on which type of engineering path to pursue, what would be your advice?

Being a recent graduate, it’s all about gaining experience that can guide you toward having a career you enjoy, so I think the best path is to try out different options and figure out what you are passionate about. Getting internships and working on projects early on can help in guiding you toward the right direction.

Finally, what makes Engineering at NuVasive unique in your opinion?

Engineering at NuVasive is unique because of the organizational commitment and strong emphasis on both innovation and collaboration between teams. Our increasing level of collaboration is key in developing the most sophisticated and easy-to-use systems in spine.

Interested in the engineering field at NuVasive? Learn about open roles and what it takes to be an engineer with NUVA by clicking here.

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