Compliance & Ethics Champions: “Going Above and Beyond!”

Our mission of changing patient lives at the speed of innovation wouldn’t be complete without a core value of acting with integrity. Luckily, we have an incredibly talented Global Risk & Integrity team that supports and encourages Shareowners all over the organization to go above and beyond in their day-to-day work. They have recently launched a Compliance & Ethics Champion program that recognizes different Shareowners who act as leaders and take initiative to build upon their current skillsets in the compliance area.

The first individual to receive the award was Jen (Manager, Event Planning) in San Diego. Jen went above and beyond by attending a Healthcare Meeting Compliance seminar on her own earlier this year. This seminar educated her on the compliance regulations specific to her area of the business.  Jen has just completed her certification and now has her Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate (HMCC). Read her full interview below on her experience obtaining an HMCC.

What inspired you to attend the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certification?

In an effort to start researching what a HMCC was and why it was necessary to pursue, I attended a free seminar with other industry meeting planners back in late 2017. During this seminar, I learned valuable information that I could immediately apply to the meetings I manage at NuVasive. I knew this was an area in which I needed to further develop my skill set and knowledge, so it motivated me to pursue obtaining my HMCC.

How do you think this training will help you in your role?

The HMCC will allow me to successfully navigate the increasingly complex global regulatory environment of all the meetings I manage on behalf of NuVasive that have HCPs in attendance. Also, now with the GDPR rapidly approaching, I know how to navigate all the areas of personal information that we need to be compliant in gathering.

How do you think your certification will benefit NUVA and help us achieve our core priorities?

I now have a broader appreciation and baseline knowledge of the importance of healthcare meeting compliance. Having this foundation will not only allow me to utilize it for myself and the meetings I am responsible for, but it will also allow me to educate other internal stakeholders. This is a win-win situation as both ensure that NuVasive is adhering to complex global healthcare rules and regulations. This is an investment in my future as well as the success of NuVasive.

What is your biggest takeaway?

The global healthcare guidelines and regulations are constantly changing and this will be something I will need to continue to educate myself on to ensure we are being compliant. I now am confident that I know the right questions to ask and the rules to abide by when managing meetings with HCPs. This will be a benefit not only to NuVasive, but also to the HCP and our global Shareowners.

At NuVasive, we’re committed to conducting all of our business activities in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, integrity, responsibility and accountability. Thanks to forward-thinking Shareowners like Jen, we’re able to accomplish our goal of commitment, courage, and respect day-in and day-out.

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