10-Year-Old Lauren Experiences Magic with MAGEC® System

Local station WHAM13 of Rochester, New York, recently highlighted young MAGEC® patient, Lauren. Dr. James Sanders, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics at Golisano Children’s Hospital, performed the surgery in 2014 after casts and a brace didn’t help the large curve in her spine. Just after the FDA cleared the MAGEC System, Dr. Sanders placed two MAGEC rods on either side of Lauren’s spine. Lauren’s mom, Kelly, is able to take her daughter to the clinic every three months versus undergoing multiple surgeries every year. During a visit to the clinic, Dr. Sanders uses an External Remote Controller (ERC) to activate the magnet within the MAGEC rods to lengthen Lauren’s spine. Everything is accomplished within a short clinic visit and then Lauren is able to go back to her normal day afterward. Before MAGEC, Lauren was in a halo traction for three months to help her breathe. After the transition to the new system, her mom began seeing positive changes in both Lauren’s eating and sleeping habits. Lauren hopes to one day grow as tall as her big sister, Rylie.

Our MAGEC System utilizes innovative magnetic technology within adjustable growing rods and an ERC to help eliminate multiple distraction surgeries from the treatment for Early-Onset Scoliosis. The MAGEC System allows patients to receive comparable lengthening benefits found in traditional growing rod treatment with the added benefit of noninvasive distractions. Pediatric patients are spared from multiple planned distraction surgeries that keep them out of school, away from friends, and in consistent recovery for extended periods of time.

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