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NuVasive® Implements Key Changes to Sales Management Team

SAN DIEGO – On Dec 10, 2012, NuVasive® announced significant leadership changes to its sales management team.

Since the end of the third quarter, Alex Lukianov, Chairman and CEO, has taken multiple steps to ensure the company regains its industry leading growth in the short term and for years to come. Matt Link assumes responsibility for U.S. Sales as Executive Vice President. Mr. Link will report directly to the CEO and will have responsibility over all domestic sales-related activities including training and operations. Mr. Link joined NuVasive in 2006 after his tenure with DePuy Orthopedics and then DePuy Spine in a regional sales leadership role. He has quickly elevated through the NuVasive sales organization as a result of his proven leadership ability and exceptional performance as Sales Director, Area Vice President and a Senior Vice President. His leadership, cultural focus, dynamic energy and steadfast commitment to drive top-line growth will continue to be instrumental in expanding sales revenue.

As previously announced, Russell Powers was promoted this quarter to Executive Vice President of International reporting to the CEO. Mr. Powers joined NuVasive in 2010 and has served exceptionally well in executive positions in Marketing and in Operations. He brings a wealth of experience to NuVasive which includes more than 20 years in orthopaedics and spine. Mr. Powers joined NuVasive after 13 years with Medtronic Spinal & Biologics where he held several executive leadership positions in Marketing, Sales and International. We are confident in Mr. Powers delivering significant growth in existing and emerging markets with a strong profitability contribution through his formidable drive to succeed and very extensive and successful history in International.

Scott Durall assumes the position of Executive Vice President of Strategic Sales and Operations. His role will include working with both Mr. Link and Mr. Powers with the shared objective of growing revenue through improved operational efficiencies to directly influence NuVasive sales representatives and expand our presence in national account networks. Mr. Durall joined NuVasive in 2008 in a regional sales leadership role and has been vital to efficiently driving revenue as an Area Sales Vice President and as Senior Vice President of Sales Operations. He came to NuVasive following his time at U.S. Surgical Corp. as Sales Director and after 10 years with Boston Scientific as an accomplished executive leader in corporate sales. He brings tremendous experience, cultural acumen and ability to achieve results to this revamped position.

Alex Lukianov, Chairman and CEO, stated, “The ability to promote internally for these roles is culturally invaluable and I have tremendous confidence in the team we have organized to help us achieve our vision to further change spine surgery now and as a $1 billion start-up.”

NuVasive also announced that as of December 7, the U.S. Sales Force has grown rapidly from 312 at the end of the third quarter to its present size of 329. The accelerated pace of sales force hiring with outstanding candidates and prospects both supports this quarter and prepares NuVasive for 2013.

Alex Lukianov, Chairman and CEO, said, “I am very pleased to be directly engaged with our sales executives to actively address recent competitive challenges in the field and re-build sales momentum. I believe we are making progress on multiple initiatives to ensure the sales force penetrates deeper into accounts and goes wider with new accounts that have already shown significant progress ahead of plan. Moreover, these ongoing efforts are not expected to hinder the company’s outlook on profitability. We have industry leading products, outstanding support services and top executives to very effectively drive sales. Establishing the sales leadership team to execute our growth goals is mission-critical. I am very pleased with our team and our progress in this quarter has already been excellent.I look forward to working even more closely with this group of leaders to execute our market share taking strategy both domestically and internationally.”

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