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NuVasive® is committed to providing surgeons with a full spine surgical solution portfolio that focuses on minimizing disruption (Maximum Access Surgery MAS® platform) and optimizing the surgical experience.  Procedural solutions like the eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF®), developed by NuVasive, continue to expand the applications of minimally disruptive surgery and open doors for the treatment of complex pathologies.  NuVasive leads the industry in life-changing solutions with an exclusive focus on the development and marketing of spine surgery technologies and responding to market changes with Absolute Responsiveness®.

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Note: References to specific products as components of an XLIF procedure or other surgical procedure/approach do not imply that such products have FDA regulatory clearance or approval for all of the pathologies or indications described. The surgical procedures described on this website may not require the use of some or all of the NuVasive products found on this website. Please refer to the professional product labeling of the NuVasive products for their specific FDA cleared or approved indications of use.

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